Wedding Day Photography Guide

Start Time!

The Photography Day will start with me packing my equipment, setting my Sat Nav for the first location, and if you like, I can text to say Im on my way.

On arrival I will speak with the venue manager if that's the first location, or if its a home address, I will arrive on time as discussed, and will say hello and get snapping!

I will make sure you are ready for me to start, if I'm too early that's OK I will get some photos of venue outside or some shots of shoes, bouquet or dress.

Getting Ready

Not Long Now!

Once everyone is dressed and ready I will start to get some pre-ceremony shots before everyone heads to venue/church/ceremony location.

Often a busy time and can be a bit manic!

But I wont be in the way and I will need to get prepared for next stage so will get in position ready for the Brides arrival.

But take 5 minutes if possible for a First Look with Dad or Bridesmaids, and if time some nice Bridal shots just before its time to go!

Final touches before the big moment!

The Ceremony

During the Ceremony, I will be down the front to the left or right, if there is a second shooter they will be at the back.

I will do all I can to be discreet and the only time you will notice me is if I have to use a flash, and then usually at the end I will be invited by registrar/Vicar to take photos of the signing, although this will be a replica book as I cant take photos of the legal one.

Then I will go ahead to the exit ready for the photos outside!

The Big Moment!

Congratulations you're Married!

On exit I will capture the confetti shots and also the two of you enjoying a well earned drink.

Time to relax a bit now, enjoy the moment and chat to guests, I will get candid shots of everyone and also start to think about group shot organising, but usually there is no rush and can start this whenever everyone is ready.

If you gave me a list (helps a lot!) then I will call out names and arrange the family and guests into position. These shots are just the formal ones and so once complete, everyone can get back to the relaxing again!

Time to relax!

Formal Shots

Group shot time! Youd be surprised how tricky this part of day is, people go missing, some are still in the bar, and without a group shot list, you may even forget to include someone.

Best to start with the Married Couple and their close relatives, then work onwards from that and ending up with everyone together.

Sometimes the Best Man or Maid of Honour are good at shouting the names out or rounding people up.

It should take 20 minutes but allow for 45!

Wheres Uncle Bob!!

Couple Shots

A nice quiet time away from the crowd, this can last as long as you like, and I will only ask you to go through some simple poses and any you have sent me for ideas. These are the ones that will go on the wall hopefully!

If we manage only a few during afternoon in bright sunshine, I will suggest 100% that we try for more during 'Golden Hour', a magical time an hour before sunset, the light is amazing and photos look awesome.

Just the two of you

Evening Reception

After guests enter the sit down, this will the time where I leave you alone for the meal, and get some refreshments for myself. Recharge the batteries and keep an eye out for the start of the speeches.

Once that is complete, usually I will then continue with guest shots and get ready for evening arrivals and then the Cake cutting, First Dance and Evening shots.

Once I have some dancing shots, I'm pretty much done and have all I need to make your gallery of the whole day! So I'll say my goodbyes and will be in touch later that week, time to edit your photos!

Party Time!