Wedding Timeline

A typical wedding day

Just to give you an idea of what to expect, and only based on the average day and its timings, below is a guide as to how the day unfolds and the photographers role in proceedings.

Shendish Manor Wedding

Shendish Manor Hotel Herts

"Alarm goes off" This is it!

2 or 3 hours before ceremony, I'll either arrive at the venue if you are staying there overnight, or arrive at the Brides home just after you start to get ready.

If the Groom is having the second shooter at his preperation location then they will arrive there.

After a quick cuppa and chat, I'll start to capture the nervous but excited getting ready moments, without being in anyones way or annoy the make up artist!

Its a good time to capture the dress hanging up maybe some flower girl shots and Mum and Dad looking proudly on.

Getting ready shots

Once everyone is set to go, I'll get some images of you leaving the house with Dad or some shots just before you enter the Ceremony venue.

I'll also manage to get the Groom and Groomsmen eagerly awaiting the Brides arrival

Bride 10 minutes late? Of course! An hour? Maybe not!

Off to the Ceremony

During the Ceremony, I'll be down the front either off to the left or right depending on location, I can move around and will also get you both leaving down the aisle.

At the kiss, dont forget to make it last a few seconds or do it twice, Id hate to miss this part.

Ceromony Photography

and relax....

This is the part where everyone relaxes and enjoys a cold one, theres usually no rush at this point but the formal family photos will usually come soon and the shot list given to someone with the loudest voice to round the guests up and get their photo taken with the newly weds.

Formal Wedding Shots

Once the formals are over I will take you both to one side and find a nice location, and spend some time away from the crowd to get some amazing images of your first time together as a married couple.

Once back with everyone, it'll be soon time to take your seats for the wedding breakfast, I'll leave you all to it at this point to recharge my batteries (and legs) and will be back with you for the speeches.

Bride and Groom Photos

Party Time!

Kick those heels off and dance the night away!

Once I have the cake cutting shots and the first dance, its time for the DJ/Band to take over and I'll capture you and your guests having the best night after the happiest of days.

I'll make an exit after saying goodbye and its off to prepare and edit your wedding photos, usually in under a week!

Happy Honeymoon!

Reception and Party Photos