Naomi and Deans Wedding South Farm Cambridgeshire

Just days before lockdown restrictions were changed for weddings, Naomi and Dean managed to get family and friends to join them at South Farm Wedding venue.

One of my favourite venues near to me , (and still haven't managed to get piglet shots with the couple!) it has such a variety of scenic areas that you could never cover everything in one wedding.

From the Gypsy Caravans to the Farm area, there are so many places to take your couples, and the ever classic front of house shots for confetti throwing.

Dean hired a DeLorean from the Back to the Future Movie (ask your parents if under 25) which was an absolute classic back in the 80's. Of course everyone wanted a shot in it or around it.

So if you would like your own Wedding captured here in the 'Future' then send me a message at 88 Miles per hour, and lets create some magic.